To: Angels Home Care

Due to an automobile accident that left my husband with a traumatic brain injury, I am happy to let you know how much having a caregiver has made a difference in our life. The caregiver's have been an excellent choice for him and it has made a difference in his mental health. It has been a blessing for me, because it allows me to work without wondering if he is safe and if his day to day needs are met. Sometimes it's the little things that are said or done that makes a difference.

When our little dog was killed by a driver, the aide took the time out of her day to console my husband and prepare "Spunky" for his burial. When I arrived home to bury our little "Spunky" the aide had lovingly placed him in a box with his special blanket and toys. You see "Spunky" slept with my husband and was his constant companion and when he died it was as if a family member had been taken away from us. The caregivers had become fond of "Spunky" and gave him treats and and enjoyed his playful antics. The caregivers helped us get thru the loss of our faithful friend and companion. I was very thankful the caregiver was with my husband to help him cope with his loss.

Having someone to care for your family member who understands the nights you are up with your loved one means so much to me. The office staff have always been understanding and willing to work with us in any way they could. Thank you Angels Home Care for sending wonderful caregivers to my husband.

Mary B.

To: Angels Home Care

I am really pleased with Angels Home Care because of the service they give to me. They are always nice and polite and willing to help me any way they can. This is the best care I have ever had. My caregiver is the best I have ever had. Wanda is always on time and I can depend on her being there daily for me. She is a wonderful cook and a really good house cleaner. My daughter is really pleased because she knows I am takeen care of and we think of her as family.

Dencil S. 

To: Angels Home Care

My experience with Angels Home Care began March 30, 2011. My caregive Lisa, has given me personal care that i only describe as exemplary. Angels Home Care has been fortunate to have caregivers who have great skills.
Thanks Angels Home Care for being there.

Johnsie B.